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Mailing Address Only: PO Box 51, Burlingham, NY, United States, 12722

 (800) 880-2684

Many tanks to our sponsors:

As an all-volunteer 501©3 nonprofit organization working in Williamsburg, NYC, one of the most expensive cities in the US, we do our best to scrimp and save so that we can save as many animals as possible. Still we need your help to pay for the veterinary bills and medical supplies needed to keep going. Your donation of any amount is appreciated and supports the work we do for NYC's animals.

100% of every donation goes to help the animals. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. You can receive a tax deduction and make a difference in the lives of hundreds of animals.

Help us help them! Be a part of our forever promise- that every animal deserves a loving, caring forever home.


Empty Cages Needs You!




We rescue animals listed on the municipal shelter's kill list, victims of hoarding and neglect situations, escapees from slaughterhouses and live markets, and other animals suffering right on the city streets. We are a vegan rescue that values all animal life, and one of the only rescues in NYC to save 'farmed' animals, companion animals, animals used for research and urban wildlife such as pigeons.


Because of the generous support of our donors, we can show compassion for all life.


The Empty Cages Collective (ECC) is a New York-based animal rescue and advocacy organization. ECC aims to cultivate a culture where animals are recognized as fellow sentient beings worthy of respectful and compassionate treatment. Through advocacy, education, hands-on rescue and assistance, the ECC envisions a world free of animal exploitation, abuse, and ecologically destructive behavior.





To learn more about ECC, see our Kings River Life interview.

Pics by Mike Hrinewski